About us

The Gambian Youth Organization (GYO) formed in 2002 by New York City based Gambians as a non-profit organization to inspire the youth to build on positive change within the community and bring forward  rich diverse cultural heritage to the United States.

Our Mission

To educate our community to be positive, responsible, tolerant and vibrant members of society through sports, educational and health programs, social events and gathering based on our shared moral and ethical values.

Our Vision

To endure the challenges of our community; share our collective rich experiences with a view to create an informed, participating and progressive membership whilst taking full advantage of available opportunities and preserving our rich cultural heritage.



i.To create and foster mutual understanding and good relationship through communication and information sharing in our community.


ii. To create social programs such as tutoring, counseling, indoor & outdoor activities to keep the youths off the streets and make them responsible citizens.


iii. To embrace our African Culture & values and amalgamate them with mainstream American Culture to help us work well in the communities.


iv. To create conducive atmosphere for youths and adults to share useful information and solve adults and youths related problems.

The GYO giving back to the community & notable events

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