1. To create and foster mutual understanding and good relationship through communication and information sharing in our community.
  2. To create social programs such as tutoring, counseling, indoor & outdoor activities to keep the youths off the streets and make them responsible citizens.
  3. To embrace our African Culture & values and amalgamate them with mainstream American Culture to help us work well in the communities.
  4. To create conducive atmosphere for youths and adults to share useful information and solve adults and youths related problems.
  5. To establish an organization where peace, unity and harmony shall prevail as to foster an unconditional love for our people, and humanity as a whole.
  6. To raises funds to assist needy students and natural disaster victims in the United States and third world countries.
  7. To provide information and aids for youths and adults with regards to educational issues such as college admission, choice of career, financial aid, adult literacy programs, etc.
  8. To confront health, immigration, financial, abuses and social issues that affects us in the community and find tangible and intangible solutions solving them.
  9. To provide financial, moral and emotional support to members of our community gear towards creating a support network.
  10. To provide members with information on employment, housing,


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